Once you have made a contact the real work begins.
Is selling or building a relationship the most important?
The Internet allows the gathering of a sale here and there, but the development of real and useful
listing of clients is yet another task. The objective should be selling a product or service online.
But wait, how much did that sale or contact cost?
A plan for repeat business and building a relationship for future profits is in order. Finding
prospects and turning them into customers and then developing a long term client relationship
will take time, but a lot less money than our original investment in the first sale.  
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E-Commerce is a Contact Sport, the more you Contact, the more you Score!
Setting up the web site for a business is really the easy task.
The real work begins to make use of the web presence and deliver profitable business from the site.
Getting prospects to the web site and making use of the Internet for extending business success is
the next order of the day.    
The web page and the Internet has the unique ability to handle prospects not only 24 hours a day,
seven days a week but can effectively sell and take orders from a massive number of customers at
the same time.     
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Hold your best leads...you paid for them.
Just as families have "relations", relatives, so do successful e-commerce businesses.
It is those marketing relationships that will explode your business and guide you to increasing your income online.
It does not matter what business or online activity you are engaged, your best marketing and most attentive
audience will be with the people you have build solid relationships and satisfactory business dealings.
Just as every profitable business require customer and client referrals to build, and just as every sales person
needs "birddogs" or people pointing to their wares, so do you need, if you are to succeed with your
e-commerce business the connections of lots of effective bridges to others.
Enlisting business partners or buyers is a crucial part of running your business. In business and professions it is
often called "networking", online I prefer to think of it as relationship marketing. You can only increase the
effectiveness of your programs and projects by having a "built in" market for your efforts. Networking gives you
connections, relationship marketing builds you ready customers and affiliates to continue your marketing
Marketing relationships are built on trust with past confidence and success. Succeeding with building your data
base with contacts and filling your portfolio or storage folder with solid marketing relations will translate into
higher profits.
Take care of those marketing relationships, continue to build networking connections and keep your birddogs
full of thanks and rewards...this will keep your bank account bursting with deposits.
Network marketing REALLY is - relationships, mentoring, target marketing. It's not just the recruiting and selling
that so many people teach.
The key to success is labeled...Strategy   
Successful marketing maybe attained by a few, but learn this now...the few!   
You need a strategy..establish communication and build trust not just a hit and miss a relationship.  Build up for
the long haul.   
Just a few years ago the Fuller Brush sales person would pack up their brooms and brushes and head out to
knock on doors.  Randomly going from house to house.  Somewhere along the line they would find someone in
need of a good brush or broom and secure a sale.   
Avon sales are one on one, but with a twist, they came up with the idea of house parties.  The Avon
representative would enlist a hostess to invite all her family and friends for entertaining demonstrations of their
products. Here again sales are made.
Today with the large number of people using their computers to communicate, the Internet has presented
another unique opportunity to merchandise goods and services.  A completely new "industry" of advertising and
loyalty building has been created.
Making contacts, selling to strangers requires building credibility, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, and
showing integrity to these new connections.  As is said,
"it's in the list".  But not just any list.  A list you have
taken the time to cultivate and through follow up got to know people on the list and letting them know you.
This calls for a "strategy" building value to the list.
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