FINANCIAL LEVERAGE- The First Lesson of Real Estate Investing

Using real estate to demonstrate the way to financial success and wealth using financial leverage.   
It boils down to three very simple rules.   
Find out where people are going.....people make price.   
Get there first and buy up parcels of land.   
Location --Location --Location Services, transportation --not in a swamp or environmental hazard area
will provide the safest investment.

How do the RICH GUYS do it?
FINANCIAL LEVERAGE.....The Key to Financial Freedom

To put it simple:  Take the smallest amount of money to control the largest value in a real estate investment.  
Take a duplex valued at $100,000. {This low figure is for demonstration purposes, of course property values tend higher.}  
if it is purchased with 10% down, financial leverage is used to control not the $10,000, but 10 times as much,
the whole $100,000.

**You don't have to be a tax attorney or an accountant to realize the government is subsidizing your ownership
by allowing certain business expenses such as taxes, insurance, mortgage interest deductions and depreciation
during property ownership.****
{Warning to understand the full government benefits offered a good tax attorney or accountant is NECESSARY.  
Better be safe and well informed now, than sorry later.  As always connect with a professional for individual advice.}

Rental Income could well pay for the property, possibly furnish some cash flow at the same time.  SO WHAT!  
Having renters buy a property is just the smallest benefit.  Building up equity is not the end of the story.
INFLATION, APPRECIATION in property value provides the Real Wealth

Owning the property for only 10 years at the average inflation rate of 5% per year is not unrealistic.  
Purchasing in a good growth location will produce much more and at the end of a 10 year period check
how much is the property worth?

Financial Leverage, the secret to wealth, using borrowed money to control the resource,
in this case real estate, while the value soars.

At 5% appreciation at the end of ten years your $10,000 original investment has grown five times.  The
investment is now worth $150,000 plus from the value of $100,000 controlled at the time of  purchase.
The big secret to financial leverage is the small original investment used to control the largest amount
of value. Other benefits accrue at the same time such as cash flow and equity build up, just more
frosting on the cake..

*No puzzle, no mystery...just using money -- plus time...and the correct
pick of investments of course.  APPRECIATION - LEVERAGE - TIMING
Tactics and Strategies that Drive Sales
Maximize every item of your business by
completing the sales circle. A web site or
blog is a sales page available to prospective
clients, customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, 365 days a year. {24/7/365} Connect
each and every part of your advertising and
promotions together.  On your business
cards list the URL.   List your URL in your
Directory Listings, place your URL every
where your business name is printed.
When you inform people of your business,
make it easy for them to find your sales
offerings have your web site URL printed
on your business card.

Taking advantage of FREE promotion
and advertising as a business is building
is essential to success.  People you know,
family and friends are natural allies to
success.  Social sites, such as, Facebook,
Twitter, etc. are an excellent source of
expanding a circle of customers.  
People you know want to see you succeed,
they are going to be willing BIRD-DOGS to
building your business.

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Word of mouth advertising.
Getting others to put in a "good word".   
When seeking ways to expand and build
your business look close to home for leads.  
Family, friends, acquaintances and business
associates.  These folks interested in your
success are your "Bird-Dogs", helping you
hunt for increased business.  Most people
prefer to do business with people they know,
so why are you so worried about asking
those closest to you for their business
and referrals?

Remember most people you personally
know want to see you succeed so they
will be glad to help you.  In order for your
business to be successful you will need
to build a pipeline of contacts.  
business networking groups, setting up
a table at meetings, or renting a booth at
festivals or swap meets or any place you
can meet with potential clients.  
Networking and referrals from people you
know will lead to more sales and profits.
Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona
Folks know I spent a life-time in Real Estate, they are almost all asking the same question.
Isn't real estate investing dead?  
Haven't all the opportunities for making the BIG money gone?

My answer, NOT AT ALL!  Real Estate Investing is alive and well.

The problem is today and actually always has been.  Educate yourself, today more than ever you can't make
mistakes and recoup as fast as in the past.  It is important to take out some time and bring yourself up to speed
about your real estate investment program.  The old advice, 'smell the roses', today means, take the time
for up-to-date learning and practical training.
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No need to invest blind.
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The Concept is SIMPLE--But, it is a mistake to think it is EASY to do.  
“I purchase distressed properties that I can flip with a joint venture partner.”
“My strategy is to find the worst house in a nice neighborhood – it’s like buying a house off the clearance rack.”
“I ensure that I can get at least a 30% discount, because that means there is equity automatically built into the transaction. “
“For instance, if I find a house that is worth $100K, I might buy it for $50K and put $20K into it
for a total investment of $70K (a 30% discount).”
“My goal is to avoid doing business through a bank – this way, I can avoid the paperwork and processes that can cause costly delays.
And I can help other people generate great returns rather than helping banks make more profits!”
If you would like to learn more, join me or have any questions, contact me.  
Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona    
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