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REAL ESTATE can make you WEALTHY and RICH in experiences.
Some folks think the days of making money in Real Estate are gone.
NO SO!  
You do have to educate yourself, use caution and use the
investment tools available to you.   
The Concept is SIMPLE--It is a mistake to think it is EASY to do.  
“I purchase distressed properties that I can flip with a joint venture partner.”
“My strategy is to find the worst house in a nice neighborhood – it’s like buying a house off the
clearance rack.”  “I ensure that I can get at least a 30% discount, because that means there
is equity automatically built into the transaction. “
“For instance, if I find a house that is worth $100K, I might buy it for $50K and put $20K into it
for a total investment of $70K (a 30% discount).”
“My goal is to avoid doing business through a bank – this way, I can avoid the paperwork and
processes that can cause costly delays. And I can help other people generate great returns
rather than helping banks make more profits!”  If you would like to learn more, join me or have
any questions, contact me.  Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona 520-887-4686  
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