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E-Commerce and Bird-Dogs

Word of mouth advertising.  Getting others to put in a "good word".
When seeking ways to expand and build your Internet Business look close to home for leads.  
Family, friends, acquaintances and business associates.

These folks interested in your success are your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased
business.  Most people prefer to do business with people they know, so why are you so
worried about asking those closest to you for their business and referrals?

Just as important, don't be reluctant to ask those closest to you about contacts they
know that would be interested in your business or service.  Remember most people you
personally know want to see you succeed so they will be glad to help you.

In order for your e-commerce business to be successful you will need to build a pipeline of
contacts.  Attending business networking groups, setting up a table at meetings, or renting a
booth a festivals or swap meets or any place you can meet with potential clients.
Networking and referrals from people you know will lead to strategic sales and profits.
Make certain that you reward and thank everyone who recommends you to others.
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