E-Commerce is a Contact Sport, the more you Contact, the more you Score!
Setting up the web site for a business is really the easy task.
Read Web Sites for Business and Professionals in your local area.
The real work begins to make use of the web presence and deliver profitable business from
the site. Getting prospects to the web site and making use of the Internet for extending business
success is the next order of the day. The web page and the Internet has the unique ability to
handle prospects not only 24 hours a day, seven days a week but can effectively sell and take
orders from a massive number of customers at the same time.
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Electronic Commerce to Expand the Smallest Business
Home Profits with Web Site Building for Local Merchants
Build a cash business  working from your home building web sites for local
merchants and professionals.   The Internet Economy is a perfect match for even
the smallest Mom and Pop Operation.  Mom's "housing cleaning business" would
have benefits from a web site presence.
Every single or small business can afford a 24 hour 7 day a week open sign on
their web site.       
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Tactics and Strategies that Drive Sales
Maximize every small piece and item of your business complete the sales circle. A web site or blog
is a sales page available to prospective clients, customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a
year. {24/7/365} Connect each and every part of your advertising and promotions together.  On your
business cards list the URL.   List your URL in your Directory Listings, place your URL every where your
business name is printed. When you inform people of your business, make it easy for them to find your
sales offerings.
Let's Make the Case "Put your web site URL next to your phone
number on ALL Company Promotions."

Taking advantage of FREE promotion and advertising as a business is building is essential to success.  
People you know, family and friends are natural allies to success.  Social sites, such as, Facebook,
Twitter, etc. are an excellent source of expanding a circle of customers.   People you know want to see
you succeed, they are going to be willing
BIRD-DOGS to building your business.

Word of mouth advertising.
Getting others to put in a "good word".   When seeking ways to expand and build your Internet
business look close to home for leads.  Family, friends, acquaintances and business associates.  
These folks are interested in your success are your
"Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased

Most people prefer to do business with people they know,  so why are you so worried
about asking those closest to you for their business and referrals?  
Just as important, don't be reluctant to ask those closest to you about contacts they know
who would be interested in your business or service.  Remember most people you
personally know want to see you succeed so they will be glad to help you.

In order for your e-commerce business to be successful you will need to build a pipeline of contacts.
Attending business networking groups, setting up a table at meetings, or renting a booth at festivals or
swap meets or any place you can meet with potential clients.  Networking and referrals from people you
know will lead to more sales and profits.
 Make certain that you reward and thank everyone who
recommends you to others.
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