Networking - Communications
Relationship building takes a long term strategy.

Communicating with new prospects can take on a number of methods. I am calling it publishing
or broadcasting because that is the fastest and most common way of attracting people to your
web site or sales offers and relates to how most of the world has communicated in recent years.
News and advertising has been relayed by newspapers, radio and then television.

Today with the large percentage of people using their computers to communicate, the internet
has presented yet another unique opportunity to merchandise goods and services. In total a
completely new industry of advertising and loyalty building programs has been created.    
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Short-term & Long-term Funds/Loans for real estate investing.  Another whole
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Conforming Loans from Commercial Banks and Mortgage Companies are probably
not a good source of
investment funds.
These lenders are selling their loans into the national market, <Federal Home Loan
Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), known as Freddie Mac and Federal National Mortgage
Association (Fannie Mae), who buy mortgages, pool them and sell them to investors.
With the exception of a possible
credit line with a commercial bank they are not a source
of real estate investment funds. Another exception might be mortgages for buy and
hold property for rental income.

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