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REAL ESTATE can make you WEALTHY and RICH in experiences.
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DISCLOSURE:  Below are two letters offering investment "tools".  Eventually if anyone buys into
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stocks or real estate your individual circumstances should be discussed with a professional, taxes
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One of the first lessons of Real Estate
Investing...Financial Leverage...
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The Concept is SIMPLE--It is a mistake to think it is EASY to do.  
“I purchase distressed properties that I can flip with a joint venture partner.”
“My strategy is to find the worst house in a nice neighborhood – it’s like buying a house
off the clearance rack.”  “I ensure that I can get at least a 30% discount, because that
means there is equity automatically built into the transaction. “
“For instance, if I find a house that is worth $100K, I might buy it for $50K and put $20K into it
for a total investment of $70K (a 30% discount).”
“My goal is to avoid doing business through a bank – this way, I can avoid the paperwork and
processes that can cause costly delays. And I can help other people generate great returns
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