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Wholesaling Real Estate is where a real estate investor, you, finds a motivated seller. Then you negotiate a bargain sale price for their property. Then sign a contract with the seller. Next marketing the contract to another investor that would look to rehab or buy the property as a rental. You then assign the contract the the end investor for a wholesale or assignment fee. Click Here!
Imagine flipping homes with no money down and getting paid in 30 days or less. There are no repairs to make, no nightmare tenants to deal with, and no entanglements with a property. Someone else does the hard work while you profit deal after deal. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, and thousands of real estate investors complete this process every single day. As a real estate wholesaler, you can do it too! It is the ultimate business that gives you freedom…Click Here!
Home Base or Rural resident for a limited time become an affiliate seller of real estate investor soft-ware.
Real estate as an investment is not a gamble, however there are financial risks involved.  
Using the correct tools you can evaluate/calculate the risks in order to maximize your return.
Rehabilitation "Partial or Cosmetic" - Make the property immediately usable and attractive.
Full rehab requires buying "dirt cheap" making various improvements, renovations and actions
to increase the value.  Secret to increasing the value also could entail a "zone change" to
allow for a higher use to the property.  Changing from a single family home to a duplex.  
Tearing out walls, making additions, modernizing with up dating features and functions all
adding to the value. Even the most experienced can use the systems available to double
check and enable them to take some of the risk factors out of the process.  
Software available    
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Earning and Learning   Financial Leverage   Real Estate Investing 2   
Real Estate Investing 1  Real Estate Experience
Questions on "money" for Real Estate
Investing requires lots of learning and
expertise.  This subject is being left at
this point to the two videos listed
above.  Real Estate has made wealth for
many people.  However there are risks,  
So learn, do, go!
Real Estate Success is locked into understanding and
working with MONEY.  Short-term & Long-term
Funds/Loans for real estate investing.  Another different
whole world.  Conforming Loans from Commercial Banks
and Mortgage Companies are probably not a good source
of investment funds. These lenders are selling their loans
into the national market, <Federal Home Loan Mortgage
Corporation (FHLMC), known as Freddie Mac and
Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), who
buy mortgages, pool them and sell them to investors. With
the exception of a possible credit line with a commercial
bank not a source of real estate investment funds.  
Another exception might be mortgages for buy and hold
property for rental income.
Video Private Money Structuring     
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Real Estate Investment Money

Video Private Money Structuring 2   
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No Real Estate Investment is going to happen without money.
In today's competitive and busy world funds for investing is everything, but where?
ABC's of funding for your investment project...Click PMV......Click PMV 2
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The Concept is SIMPLE--It is a mistake to think it is EASY to do.  
“I purchase distressed properties that I can flip with a joint venture partner.”
“My strategy is to find the worst house in a nice neighborhood – it’s like buying a house off the
clearance rack.”  “I ensure that I can get at least a 30% discount, because that means there
is equity automatically built into the transaction. “
“For instance, if I find a house that is worth $100K, I might buy it for $50K and put $20K into it
for a total investment of $70K (a 30% discount).”
“My goal is to avoid doing business through a bank – this way, I can avoid the paperwork and
processes that can cause costly delays. And I can help other people generate great returns
rather than helping banks make more profits!”  If you would like to learn more, join me or have
any questions, contact me.  Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona 520-887-4686
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